Bobbi Jackson, BSc, BFA, BCSIcm, has worked in research in the Animal Science Departments of PSU and at McGill University. She has experience as an aid to Physical therapists and as an Operating Room Assistant with both small and large animals.

A life long equestrian, Bobbi comes to Structural Integration from a unique perspective. In 2009, Bobbi decided to try Rolfing to see if it might enable her to be a more ‘effective’ and ‘effortless’ rider. While going through her own ‘Rolfing 10 series’, she began thinking about whether this work might be beneficial for one of her horses who had injured himself. This led her to become certified through The Equine Natural Movement School as a Practitioner of Equine Structural Integration. Most recently, she was granted her Advanced Practitioner Certification through the school’s equine program.

While working with horses, she was often asked by riders to work on them as well. Consequently, she headed up to Maine for training with Thomas Myers, a Certified Advanced Rolfer (TM) at Kinesis, Inc. and achieved her certification as a KMI Practitioner; she also obtained her Board Certification with IASI (The International Association of Structural Integrators). Bobbi is licensed by the State of New Jersey as a Massage and Bodywork Therapist.

Bobbi enjoys working with clients (such as riders and their horses helping to improve ‘team cohesiveness’). She finds it especially satisfying to see the changes her clients experience through SI work. Bobbi’s clients tell her they notice this work dramatically improves efficiency and effectiveness of their movement and sense of body awareness, while at the same time experiencing a reduction in the amount of pain felt in their daily lives. Bobbi believes having SI work is a win-win situation when you see the vast improvements in quality of life her clients obtain.

Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI)
Equine Structural Integration

Additional Studies:
Healing and Integrating Bones
Rolfing the Cranium                                                                                                                         ScarWork: Integrating Scar Tissue
Nerve and Artery Mobilization
Horse and Human Dissections
Chakras and Energy Healing of the Horse and Human                                               Core Integration: Including the Viscera in Structural Work                 Biomechanics of Alignment                                                                                                         Fascial Manipulation                                                                                                               Brain Trauma, Concussion, and Dementia
Tail End: Working out from the Sacrum and Coccyx

Bobbi’s practice, Princeton SI, LLC, is located in The 20 Nassau Street Building, Suite 120, Princeton, NJ, 08542.

Her equine practice, Equine Enhanced Movement, LLC, is located in S. Eastern PA, Central NJ and Montreal, Quebec, Canada – and to wherever her clients need her to travel!